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‑ OUTFO Photography Program

The project includes different types of photos, including composite images, etc., mainly in black and white. As the protests have come to a standstill these days, we look to these dark times, evoking memories from all walks of life and reminding you that we are all still here.


Did you forget it? We have seen the clouds hanging in the sky together, walked all over the land together, cried together until we were exhausted and hoarse... Are you... still?

——It was a memory written on a certain piece of petals stained with red; it was a memory that the lung membrane was stained with thick sputum, which made the throat dry. From the hot summer to the cold winter, countless souls are helplessly scattered on the street corners; confusion and confusion fill the streets and alleys. The busyness of the past is now "finally" calm. The river went east, but there were no rocks piercing the sky; no waves crashing on the shore. Thousands of piles of snow were rolled up in this city, but now there are only shallow waves left. But... is it really so peaceful? Has it really been subdued? Did it really disappear?

The traces that began in midsummer will not disappear even if they are eliminated: the bricks on the streets and paths have not been filled, the spray characters that are obviously smeared with paint, the posters that have been torn off and remain in the corner... and the companions who have fallen behind with us , those invisible footprints; those palpable and untouchable scars. ——The trajectory built with trauma is everywhere.

Eileen Chang once said, "Hong Kong is a beautiful but sad city." The city was as bitter as the pot of jasmine incense she remembered. The warm wind has never intoxicated you and me, and no one has directly regarded the capital as a city of incense—perhaps because this pot of jasmine incense is hard to swallow.

Modern dance legend Martha Graham wrote in her autobiography "Blood Memory": "A dancer has two deaths in his life, once when the dancer stops dancing, and this will be the most painful death." Zeng in the air Juanjuan's flying Bauhinia bauhinia was rudely and rudely climbed down by the demon, this flower has now landed in a "soilless place", just a dancer who has faced "the first death", a dancer who has been unable to recover .

There is no doubt that the city is sad. Can that sad flower regain the vitality it feels when it dances? - No one knows. The only thing we can be sure of is that we can still grow Qionglou Yuyu after the Bauhinia japonica is plucked.

It is a battle to live and step into tomorrow. Live, and then use hope as a nutrient to raise an ideal land.

—because we are all still here.

‑ Persistence of kidney deficiency


"Gone with the Wind"

Maybe he and she got acquainted in the beacon of smoke in the sky. One day the crowd in the city dispersed, the smoke disappeared, and the candles went out. But they still can't forget the fear in the smoke that day. They refuse to let go and face this absurd new world together.
Fear is still there. They are still there. Are you still there?

Sony A7iii |Tamron 28‑200 |B&W |Compositing

*Photos are color and image processed



"The Last Graffiti"

Since August, the regime has painted Taiping on a massive scale, and every word on the street has been covered in paint. How long has it been since you saw the graffiti people left on the walls? The phrase "don't forget the dead siblings" was left out by the regime and seemed to be the last graffiti. It might still be wiped off than people after all. But when you see it at this moment, will you stop and look at the last one, or will you let it be overshadowed?
It's still there. Are you still there?

Sony A7iii |Tamron 28‑200 |Black & White 

*Photos are color and image processed



"Red Flag of Imprisonment"

Twenty-four years ago, an elegant blue flag slowly fell, replaced by two blood-colored red flags. Twenty-two years later, we have succeeded in tearing off that evil red flag and throwing it into the sea, singing proudly and hoisting our flag. It has been heard that the flagpole symbolizes the country, and now our country is once again occupied by bright red and is forcibly chained. Are you willing to stay until one day to witness our flag fly freely on our land?
The red flag of evil remains. Are you still there?

Sony A7iii |Tamron 28‑200 |Black & White 

*Photos are color and image processed




The meaning of objects has always been given by people. These four letters can be random and meaningless, or they can be the dreams of millions of people who would trade their lives for it. What do these four letters mean to you? Only you know that.

It's still there. Are you still there?

Sony A7iii |Tamron 28‑200 |Black & White 

*Photos are color and image processed



"He in the Beacon"

Years go by, do you still remember the streets and alleys that we walked together that day? While holding up umbrellas, everyone shouted uplifting slogans and walked forward step by step. From hot summer to cold winter, and back to summer, almost every day in spring, summer, autumn and winter has their footprints. Sweat splattered on different streets, from Harcourt Road to Million Avenue. Their pursuit of freedom in their hearts ignited the whole of Hong Kong, making millions of eggs come forward and work together to overthrow this evil. high wall. People joined hands, holding hands, bringing back the spirit of Lion Rock, which has been lost for many years, and writing down the most glorious side in the 24 years since its return.
After the hail of bullets, it was not the regime's concessions, but a tougher and more oppressive rule. A number of politicians have been arrested and jailed one after another, and protesters who were indiscriminately accused by the regime have also faced more unfair trials. The number of criminal convictions has increased, and Xiri's separation of powers has become a one-party dictatorship, and the ranking of judicial independence has also increased. It has managed to be on par with the world's second largest economy, and it really deserves its name.
The darkness before dawn is the darkest. Apparently "The worst is yet to come.". Because of this, some people choose to leave and open a new page in a foreign country; some people choose to stay and witness the changes of the times. No matter where you are, there is only one home, and it is Hong Kong.
Whether you are going or staying, I hope you will not forget your companions who have been fighting all the time. In the face of various disadvantages, they have always been fearless, even fighting to the death no matter what.
They've been fighting and are you still there?

Sony A7iii |Tamron 28‑200 |Black & White 

*Photos are color and image processed



"Still, Condensed"

We went through six hundred and twenty days together. During these six hundred days, some of us joined, some returned, and some were forced to leave. Their time was frozen: at the moment when the horror bell rang; at the moment he fell; at the moment when she was covered up... Have you ever left for them in the past six hundred days Tearing up?
Today is February 14, 2021, Valentine's Day. Legend has it that this festival was originally to commemorate the heroic spirit of Father Valentine who was sentenced to death more than 2,000 years ago for fighting the totalitarian ban on marriage. Today, while you are spending sweet moments with your lover, will you still remember them who sacrificed their lives for the sake of the Hong Kong nation?

"The struggle of mankind against totalitarianism is the struggle of memory and forgetting"- Milan Kundera
I firmly believe that as long as we can remember them who fell for Hong Kong, they will still be among us. And as long as you, me, he and she are still there, it will bring the dawn of dawn in the most desperate and hesitant midnight.

The road ahead is full of fog, and we will certainly continue to be subject to turbulent collisions from all sides. "There is a story in Greek mythology that Sisyphus was punished by the gods by pushing a boulder up a mountain from hell; when he reached the top of the mountain, the boulder would automatically return to the foot of the mountain, and he had to repeat this futile work every day. , until eternity.” We are all Sisyphus, and we cannot change our destiny in the current predicament. All we can do is continue to push the stone until the time is right, and we will naturally gather here again to fight with all our strength.

As eggs, we have chosen to stick to the only remaining voice space. The "__ is still" series will continue to appear on outfo from time to time. I hope you can take good care of yourself, wait for the changes, and wait for the opportunity.


We are still here, how about you?

Special thanks:
Jinghai (Kidney Deficiency) - Preface
Sai. - Calligraphy

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